Tara Manor Inn

Address: 559 Mowat Drive, St. Andrews NB E5B 2P2    Reservations: Toll Free: 1-800-691-TARA (8272) or (506) 529-3304

Our History

At Tara Manor we are proud of the history of the estate originally known as “Belle-Vue” (beautiful view).

Built in 1869 as a summer residence, “Belle-Vue” was part of a much larger estate which stretched across the road to the farm now known as “Clibrig”. It was first owned by Sir Charles Tupper, one of Canada’s Father’s of Confederation.

Sir Charles Tupper was a distinguished physician who was instrumental in leading Nova Scotia into Confederation in 1867. He had been Premier of Nova Scotia from 1864-1867. Upon Canada’s establishment as a Dominion, Sir Charles was elected to the House of Commons in Ottawa where he served as a cabinet minister under Prime Minister Sir John A. MacDonald from 1870-1873 and 1878-1884.

Over the intervening years, the estate has had several other illustrious owners. In the late 19th century, it was owned by Professor D. Blakeney Hoar, for whom D. Blakeney Hoar square in Boston, Massachusetts is named. Professor Hoar named the estate “Risford”. In 1950, the estate was purchased by the Rt. Honourable C.D. Howe, a leading Canadian economist and cabinet minister in the government of Prime Minister Mackenzie King. Howe renamed the estate “Penryn”, and used it until 1961 as a pleasant summer retreat.

Purchased in 1965, “Tara” as it was named, was used as a private family home until its conversion to an Inn in 1971. It is still family owned and operated by the Turner Family today.

Tara Manor

Risford, built in 1885, later renamed Penryn by C.D. Howe. Now known as Tara Manor.